Bottled at the Source

Why is it so important to bottle at the source? Simply put, not only does it make for better freshness, purity and taste, but it is also better for the environment. Other bottled water companies truck their waters from multiple sources where it is blended at a centralized processing plant—a wasteful process which is susceptible to contamination and quality issues. Whereas, we are the only major bottled water company that bottles exclusively right at the spring source. It’s more difficult to do it this way, but we never compromise quality.


Most other major water brands start with Municipal Water and use a process called reverse osmosis (RO) or a distillation process to remove impurities, while at the same time, stripping away natural minerals and taste from the water. However, our CRYSTAL GEYSER® ALPINE SPRING WATER® brand is made as nature intended: pure and natural, from one of our protected spring sources.


We have carefully selected each of our spring sources because they are hydraulically connected to high-quality ground water sources (aquifer), located in naturally protected and remote areas. The pristine and protected ecological environments and unique geology surrounding where our spring sources are located produce the finest tasting water in the world – naturally. As an added measure of protection, we purchase land around our sources to protect our spring water from any possible harmful impact from manmade activities.

Unlike many other major water brands, we never blend our spring water with waters trucked from other locations. When you drink CRYSTAL GEYSER® ALPINE SPRING WATER®, you can be certain that the water you’re drinking comes from one location. Our spring sources are right there on each label - near Olancha Peak, in the Sierra Nevada; near Mt. Shasta in Weed, California; near the mountains in the Cherokee National Forest in Benton, Tennessee; near the Blue Ridge Mountains in Salem, South Carolina; near the Ossipee Mountains of Moultonborough, New Hampshire, Ouachita Mountain range of Norman, Arkansas and near the Adirondack Park of Johnstown, New York.